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Really? - 20%

thecynickid, January 9th, 2021

The opening notes serve as a warning to brace yourself for the cheese that is to come.

The first "heavy" riff is underlined by poppy bullshit. These undertones really confine the music to such safe boundaries. Often the music just seems to hold back where it should have more energy. It's like they want to be heavy, but are keeping themselves in check. When I picture the band, I imagine one or two members insisting that the vocals be clean and the music be nice and pleasant while the rest of the band reluctantly conforms.

The first track taints the entire alum with an initial atmosphere of cheese and corn, and the rest of the album just can't move away from its oppressive shadow. The vocals keep it up throughout the album. Seriously, get another girl, get somebody's cat, get a used napkin, get a penny, because these vocals are so fucking annoying. I don't just automatically hate the vocals because they're clean; though it's rare, cleaner vocals work sometimes. I like Candlemass, Yob, Conan, and other bands who effectively utilize them, incorporating powerful or chilling vocal passages that add to the atmosphere of the music.

Piper's Dawn finds no way to do this. You could easily leave her voice as it is, replace the lyrics with the words to a radio love song, and find that they are much more fitting in such a scenario. To make matters worse, I can easily imagine replacing the guitar riffs and baselines as they are with keyboards and synths to back it up.

I actually don't mind the beginning of the last song, but of course it was ruined by the aforementioned plaques.

It's hard to believe that this is pretty much what Gorement turned into. The whole thing just seems pointless to me. There is really nothing actually heavy about this. It's corny as hell. Any parts that could be good just don't have enough force behind them. The name of the band alone should sound like a warning, but I didn't really think much of it at first...I thought "maybe it's just a random Pink Floyd reference. We all like Floyd." Well, maybe they would be better as a classic rock band. But they'll still need to boot the singer out. Anyway, it's not like the production itself is terrible or anything, and obviously they don't completely suck at their instruments. But going from Gorement to gothic metal was a pretty bad idea, even if Gorement did have some untraditional leanings that other death metal bands don't incorporate into their stuff. This album really showcases that.