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Power Metal obscurity - 82%

ruigeroeland, September 29th, 2008

Pipers Dawn is an obscure Metal band, tagged as a Gothic/Doom outfit, which only released one demo in 1996 before dissolving. Most notable about the band is probably the fact that one of the band members ended up in Power Metal band Amaran and some of the other members where part of a Death Metal act called Gorement, which seems to have had to some moderate success.

Pipers Dawn music is actually more Power Metal, because all the songs are way to fast to be considered Doom Metal by even the most open minded listener. The Gothic tag is somewhat justifiable, but I would call it an influence rather than a major contributor to the bands sound. The songs rely for the most part on fast riffing and drums, accompanied by pretty impressive clean female vocals. There are no keyboards or other atmospheric elements, leaving the guitars to create the melodies.

The songs are well constructed and the production is a lot better than I had expected.

This is in no way mandatory material, but it’s quite enjoyable. It’s a shame the band wasn’t able to release anymore material, because with some growth, they might have had some success.