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Hard Rock Dynamite - 70%

VonSeux, January 15th, 2004

In Sonic Dynamute, Pink Cream 69 brings an good and easy Hard Rock/Metal that at first listen will remind you of Dokken

Seas of Madness and Followed By The Moon are light and melodic songs with good chorus. as every song on this album, the chorus will be in your head for long
the title music is the heaviest song, but the band work better with melodic tunes
The Spirit is a heart-bronken song, sounding very much like Dokken
The others songs go on in this same line

but listen to this! this album have one the best ballads you'll ever hear! it's also the best song of the album: Let The Thunder Reside is so emotional that you'll want to fall in love again. great feeling. this song surely pays the album

Give a listen to Sonic Dynamite only if you're into Hard Rock, once it's not exactly metal