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Typical hard/heavy music with nothing new - 75%

sodometal, May 1st, 2007

When I took a first look at the cover of the album, the only thing I could hope was that the album wasn’t as terrible. The cover artwork is very lousy and rather irrelevant with the album. However, the album made me overlook the cover and listen to it deeply.

In10sity is a typical hard/heavy album with a very clear production. The songs are all major songs typical of the genre. The vocals may remind you of Jeff Scott Soto at times. The instrument to stand out the most among others is the lead guitar despite the fact that the overall guitar sound is rather weak. You can hear some funky clean tone guitar tricks played in the back, but not as much to affect the style. Some guitar solos are quite atmospheric which fit the overall sound of the album. All these and the use of wah pedal add great variety to the album in terms of guitar work. Drums are played modestly. The drum sound is nice but the bass drums sound so soft that you can think that there might be pillows instead of bass drums. The drummer keeps the rhythm with hi-hat or crashes but very rarely with the ride. In some songs, keyboards are used to maintain depth. The last train to nowhere is a good ballad with nice piano partitions. The guitar solo in this song has a different and an original tone but it is very short.

To sum up, the album is listenable yet does not offer anything new. That may not be a concern for many but this is a fact. It is not a remarkable album among its counterparts. Anyhow, it is worth giving it a try. I’m sure you can enjoy the songs in this album more when you listen to them in a concert.