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I am the incubus! - 80%

Svarthavid, April 5th, 2009

This album is a classic to me, since I first heard it when I was 5 years old, when I accidentally found one of my dad’s cassettes, which included this one and Anthrax’s Among the living, which also is a great album by the way. I bought it again recently, almost 11 years later, and it’s still kick ass.
I’m actually quite surprised that no one have written a review for this, because I think this album is a lot better than “Metal inquisition”.

The production is quite raw, but that doesn’t matter, actually. It’s just adding to the somewhat creepy and evil atmosphere. The only thing which is a downside is the drums, which is very week. PileDriver’s vocals are quite harsh, and he has an impressive range too.

The music present here are thrash with lots of power metal influences, with lyrics dealing with Satan, sex, evil and other pretty normal subjects in metal lyrics.

We have several great songs here. Lord of abominations, Flowers of evil, The executioner, Metal Death racer, and my all time favourite, The incubus! This song begins with some thunder and rain, and rages on with several cool rifs along it’s way, espesually the chorus. The end of the song is maybe the part I like the most, even though I can’t quite understand what it’s supposed to mean. First, you hear a woman screaming, and then a baby screaming. The scream of the baby is changing more and more into a type of demonic scream, and finally the normal baby screams is drowned by the demonic one. The first time I heard it, when I was a 5 year old brat, I thought it was quite scary, but I just wanted to hear it again and again. Another great song is metal death racer, which also have a very catchy chorus. Hell, almost every song on this goddamn album has a great chorus.

Highlights: Chaos, Metal Death racer, Lord of abominations, Flowers of evil, The executioner, and of course, The incubus!