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Pigsty - Spiders - 70%

Pestilent, March 21st, 2004

Anyone who suffers from arachnophobia should not lay his hands on this album: it has a deep obsession with spiders. Pigsty are grind/noisecore band from the Czech Republic (where else!?).I can say that this is very extreme metal indeed: guttural vocals spiced up with effects, chunky guitar work, blasts and double bass work. I tend to dislike the vocalist’s shouting and screaming and the simple drum work though. I don’t’ like the elements much. This band has done well to stick to the elements of grindcore though I can tell you that.

I think that best track is probably “Cerbalu (white madam namibu)” whatever that means (I can’t grasp the lyrics – I don’t think I’m meant to). Oh yeah and they’ve covered Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up”. Not a very successful attempt in my opinion but to be respected as they did it in their own grondcore way. Album production is nice they worked hard on it thanks to BLP.