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Magnum Opus of Grind! - 94%

TheSunOfNothing, March 5th, 2009

This has got to be one of my favourite grind cd's ever made. It's literally fucking insane. The band never lets up (unless one thinks that the ambient ending to the 8 minute epic "Piss Angel" is considerable as "letting up"). It starts out with 1:22 of a computerized voice and a pitch-shifted laugh. Immediatly afterwards comes "Cheerleader Corpses", which is over before you've had the ability to get back off your feet. Don't worry, "Scatology Homework" hits at us with extreme intensity seconds later. Next we have "Trojan Whore", a more metal influenced track, which actually doesn't sound like grindcore in anyway, more thrash-y or sludge-like. It's slow and heavy, but over before we can really notice it. All the longer songs follow this ("Naked Trees", "Hyperviolet", "Starbelly", "Junkyard God", "Piss Angel" are all metal songs) and I must say I'm glad this band has the talent to play more than one style.

JR is your typical hardcore vocalist, but he also does plenty of high-pitched shreiks ("Scatology Homework", "Tickets To The Car Crash") and low death growls ("Heart And Crossbones", "Mapplethorpe Gray"). His death growls are more noticable than the high shreiks though, and they are mostly scattered around.

Scott's guitars escape your stereotypical grind guitars, and are suprisingly technical. Tracks like "Trojan Whore", "Naked Trees" and "Starbelly" show this off where his riffs sound more thrash or doom metal influenced. He seems to love tremelo picking.

Brian, the drummer, is one of the best grind drummers I've ever heard. He outplays Agoraphobic Nosebleed's drum machine! Not only is he technical and fast, he has a great snare sound and he never feels....annoying or staticy, an immediate plus.

Now, back to the songs. "Body Scout" has one of the weirdest outros I've ever heard, with JR screaming some indecipherable lyric over and over again. "Hyperviolet" contains an ambient ending and is one of Brian Harvey's most technical moments on drums. This is his best performance on the the whole cd. "Starbelly" is predominatly a sludge/doom metal track, and one of the album's best. The closing track, "Piss Angel", is the best of the bunch. It's brutal, thrash-y, and super fucking experimental (the closing ambient section). It's the strongest track of the bunch.

Anyone think they know pure destruction? Anyone think they know grindcore at it's best? After hearing this album, all critics will be silenced. This album is amazing. It's not the best cd ever, but it's still fucking cool.