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Mmm...Grind-core. - 85%

Smaug, June 11th, 2005

The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. Granted, it's got its flaws. For example: There's no bass player in this entire band, and some of the songs are so short that it's really hard to get into. The lowest being clocked in at about twenty seconds. If you can manage to get past those two main factors, though, you'll probably love this stuff.

The album starts out with a computerized voice telling a strange story, and eventually you start hearing maniacle laughter in the background. When it's finished, it starts off with the first track. The drumming on this album is pretty good. They don't just stick to blast beats throughout the whole thing, but instead put in real beats and rhythms which can really get you going. The guitarwork is excellent, albiet there are no solos or anything like that, but the riffs themselves are pretty excellent. They only switch off riffs up to four or five times during the longest songs, sometimes twice in the shorter ones. The vocals are, in my personal opinion, great. Especially considering the theme of the album. I mean, it is after all called "Prowler in the Yard". It's supposed to give you that sort of, "somebodie's going to come up behind you and murder you in the most horrendous way possible" type feeling. Especially on track 16 where the instruments just fade and the vocalist says the most crazy shit at five second intervals for about half a minute straight. Track 19 finishes off with eerie ambient music while the drummer rips out double bass beats for about two minutes straight, making you want to get up and start really headbanging. As for the songwriting (I know a good amount of you don't care about that, but bear with me), it's actually pretty good and isn't your typical, "RAPE CHRIST!", "SODOMIZE YOUR MOTHER", and "PEOPLE ARE SHIT" type songwriting you usually get with a lot of extreme metal bands. It's more geared towards the "stalking you because I'm obsessed" type lyrics, which are actually pretty good.