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So intense, it's beautiful - 95%

OutOfQuestion, March 21st, 2008

First of all, this isn't meant to be negative, but this album should hardly count as grindcore. When they're not playing over-the-top thrash metal riffs on cocaine, they get into some sort of an Acid Bath or Melvins type groove. The only things grindcore here are the vocalist (who is really just your typical hardcore punk singer; an amazing one at that) and when the drummer's blasting away (but hey, blastbeats, a hardcore punk invention, found an audience in metal over 20 years ago already).

So what is this? Well, it's brutal. It's metal. It's probably Dark Angel's and the Melvins' ADD having love child. Fast and relentless, much faster than the band's peers, but with a unique sense of crushing heavy and groove. As mentioned before, this band has no bassist and since these types of bands usually only "need" a bassist to hold the low-end, said bassist is not missed. Scott Hull's use of multiple guitar amps and low-tunings, and of course Brian Harvey's pounding percussion work more than make up for the lack of bassist.

The album starts off with "Jennifer", a robotic voice that acts as the prologue to the rest of the album. The first song, "Cheerleader Corpses", is pretty much your typical "Prowler in the Yard" track: short, fast, heavy-as-balls and ferocious thrash metal riffage with precise but deadly death metal drumming, with some parts that just beg you to reminisce about the Melvins' glory days.

They stick to this formula through-out the whole album, but there are several standouts such as "Evacuating Heaven", "Body Scout" and my personal favorite, "Naked Trees". This climaxes in "Piss Angel", the 22nd track of the album that mixes all of their influences the best, while still sounding like Pig Destroyer. Everything from the tremolo-picked, melodic yet brutal guitar work of the intro to the sludgey chug of the rest of the song -- pure metal bliss. As the song ends, the album closes with the same voice that opened it, which is the perfect way to end this record.

The length of the album is perfect for what it is, they stick to the same formula, but every song is refreshing, but any more of it would've been overkill.

All in all, this is probably my favorite Pig Destroyer release. They switch opposite sub-genres effortlessly while still sounding like Pig Destroyer. If you want something that is just as heavy as it is fast, this is probably what you're looking for.