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Jenifer wrestled her friend playfuly to the ground - 98%

AzzMan, February 14th, 2004

With those words (ed- forced to change due to size), this morbid...thing, begins. The first track features this disturbing electronical spoken word thing, busting into the first real song of the album- if you can call these 30 second monstrosities "songs" in the first place. If not, the album starts getting more brutal from there. These grinding punk melodies come in and bust your head apart fast and relentless, with an awesome set of hardcore-ish screams via our good friend JR. There is not one second where his vocals are present where he slows up.

Same with the guitars. They keep coming, and coming, and creating solid riff structures that the drums start to create solids over, forming into the best grind/core album of all time, hands down.

This album is insane, and if you can't understand the beauty in the lyrics, its of a failed relationship, but everything is a metaphor that creates a short story about this man and his lust after a girl he can't have, or had but lost, by the end of the album. Its about his past, his feelings about whats happening with her, and whats going on in general. Some real awesome, sick stuff in the lyrics.

Overall, I can see what dosn't appeal to everyone- it might be too fast, too distorted or overall too complex without a meaning, if you don't absorb the sound, the emotion put into this trio's work. That might be a turn off to casual fans. Watch it, but don't hesitate too much, you'd miss out on one of a classic breed.