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Pig Destroyer owns, Gnob blows - 75%

DeadFetus, November 21st, 2002

I bought this split not knowing who Gnob was, I saw that Pig Destroyer had 9 tracks for 6 bucks and I was sold. The Pig Destroyer tracks rock my fucking socks off. Each one is unrelenting grindcore. There is no longer a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Pig Destroyer is THE best grindcore right now. All others lack the engery, intensity, intelligence, and artistic nihilsm that is present in Pig Destroyer's work.

The first track is twenty eight seconds long, and in that short amount of time it manages to rip the listener's head clean off. The next seven tracks are all classic Pig Destroyer. The best track would have to be Dark Satellites, one of the best PD songs ever. The last track for PD is a cover of the Stooges "Down In The Street." It is a little unorthodox but it is an interesting change from the traditional PD sound.

Gnob has the remaining tracks and like I said at the begining, I had no idea who they were. Well to make blunt, they suck. I thought from looking at some of the song titles they would be similar to something like Curl Up and Die, but instead it is just really silly, really stupid hardcore. If I had to say something good about them it would be that they have funny song titles. "My Beard=Testosterone" is one of the best song titles ever. The song is complete shit though. If this cd was all Pig Destroyer I would have gotten an 87, but the Gnob really drags it down.