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Modern Grind Masters - 90%

orphy, July 16th, 2007

Pig Destroyer seems to be a band that has been heavily adored by casual fans of grindcore. Most new comers to the genre find Pig Destroyer to be likable right away. With the release of "Phantom Limb", it's obvious why this band clicks so easy, but don't let prevent you from hearing it. "Phantom Limb" is an album for grind fans old and new.

For anyone who hasn't heard Pig Destroyer before, this is what to expect. Short songs, lots of intense drum work, frantic grind riffing, and some of the most insane lyrics ever written. All these elements are consistent throughout Pig Destroyer's catalogue, and here they are expanded a bit more. One will notice write away that the song lengths on this album have become a bit longer, as there are only 14 songs presented here. Nevertheless, each song manages to feel like a Pig Destroyer song.

The album opens up with some eerie sampling (as the band has a new member that contributes noise and samples). Honestly, I never noticed much of a difference, but paying close attention will allow one to find some of the subtle touches buried in the music. "Girl with the Slayer Jacket" has some noise underlying it about a minute in. Anyway, following the opening sample, the album explodes in grindcore fashion. A frantic riff floats overtop of blasting drums, and right away Pig Destroyer fans will be smiling.

As usual, there is no bass work on the album. Pig Destroyer needs no bass player, as the guitar tone along with the bass drums fills out the bass niche quite well. Some new comers may find that hard to believe, but just listen. It makes sense.

Pig Destroyer experiments with some noisier sections throughout the album with some tom work. This is where the song lengths become longer. Take the song "Loathsome" for example. It features some noisy jam parts that end up cascading into itself, and exploding into the next grind riff. This happens a few times throughout the album and proves itself to be effective in increasing dynamics and overall enjoyment.

Of course, one has to comment on the lyrics presented by Pig Destroyer during a review. JR Hayes is one creative bastard, and I mean that to the most extreme extent possible. His lyrics deal with a variety of topics, but do it in a storyline, first person perspective, with a little bit of stream of consciousness for good measure. He deconstructs religion in "Heathen Temple", watches some girls get dismembered in "The Machete Twins", and remembers his first kiss in "Girl in the Slayer Jacket". Obviously there's more to each song than what I stated, but the way he does them is so original, he would make poets like Edgar Allan Poe proud.

Everything about this album is stellar. Clocking in around 30 minutes, it ends up being a great amount of explosive music. Pig Destroyer can honestly do no wrong, and this album further justifies their status as modern grindcore legends.