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Their 3rd best album still needs love. - 80%

ThornOfCrimsonDeath, October 26th, 2008

Prowler in the Yard is a masterpiece, and Terrifyer was almost as great. Some people would say that’s all you need to hear from them, but there is still something to be said of this album. It is not so easily discarded in my book. I bought this album when it came out, and it was, a bit odd at first. The songs are a considerably longer than previous works and their production has gone up considerably. Those problems aren't too apparent though, the songs don't feel so long and the production is acceptable to me.

The tone of the guitar has worsened in comparison of old works. It has gone from a chainsaw high end sound to a more balanced normal sound. I can get past it though. I still enjoy the riffs, and wow, are there some great riffs. What's nice about this release is that some of the riffs actually go somewhere, and they have some kind of concept behind them. And yes there are some "breakdown" riffs, but I use quotations because really, if you put pauses in anything some people will jump all over it and label it metalcore garbage or whatever. The syncopation used in these breakdowns is not meant for mallcore posers, because they wouldn't be able to understand them at all. They would just be very confused about the polyrhythmic structure

The drums are a big component of the album, and they really bring those polyrhythms to the surface with its clean production. The parts are really complex in some parts, but it sounds like he's just jamming away, not even trying. Quite a performance on his part.

And don't forget the vocals. I'm not really into studying lyrics and delivery, mostly because I play guitar and bass and never sing, but in this case I actually read the lyrics and they are disjointed poems about neighborhood girls who kill themselves and cut themselves up , which seems to go with the album. I might even have the wrong impression, but the lyrics are almost cryptic, so it's anyone’s guess.

I give this an 80 because this is definitely a solid effort on their part. To me, it means a lot that these 3 guys can make such a heavy album. One guitar, a drummer and a singer. I am always impressed by this band, and you can add this album to the list.