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Pig Destroyer - "Phantom Limb" - 90%

Solarian_Nocturnus, July 17th, 2007

Two words come to mind within the first twenty seconds of hearing track one on Pig Destroyer’s new release: FUCKING GRIND. Back in full sledge hammer force with skull-crushing double bass pedal madness and crunchy-delicious guitar riffs along with the maddening howls from the deepest bowels of the vocalist’s stomach with Phantom Limb. One can instantly hear the heightened production quality with every note and beat coming in crystal clear. Another perfection of art grind? Perhaps. Lyrics are still a sickening ode to the madness of Haye’s mind and a good read for anyone interested in them.


Yes, that’s right. Pig Destroyer has introduced this concept into their song structures. Specialty PD breakdowns are sure to get any fan’s adrenaline pumping, head banging and arms swinging. It’s all the more appropriate for this band considering their genre, but they still retain the metal aspect and manage to chunk out some new riffs with frantic drums pushing the envelope in obvious technical prowess. The drummer manages to come up with some great fills and thus extending the insanity to new levels. Tracks average out to around two minutes a piece with Loathsome (a personal favorite of mine) clocking in at four. Don’t think you’ll get bored though. Each song is as noisy and explosive as the next. No bassist? No problem. The band still sounds awesome without one. Do you like creepy samples on top of it all? They still have those too!

This album should appeal to fans old and new of grindcore and is a solid reminder of Pig Destroyer’s ability to appeal to casual listeners of the genre (such as myself). Buy it, download it, whatever. Shame that they don’t do nationwide tours though.