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Fucking GRIND - 88%

DeadFetus, September 16th, 2004

o you think you know what Pig Destroyer is all about? You think that just because you love Prowler in the Yard as much as the next modern day grind freak that you are ready for what Robotic Empire has compiled from the depths of the PD catalogue? Because Robotic has put music from some of Pig Destroyer's previous split albums and assembled them all on one cd, and if you haven't heard any of their stuff prior to Prowler then you are definitely in for a surprise. The biggest surprise of all? These guys can fucking GROOVE. The final track "Down in the Streets" will have you checking you cd player just to make sure the proper disc is in, because this don't sound like your average PD track. Clean vocals? Thrashy solos? Both are present and surprisingly awesome, despite not sounding at all like one would expect. Another surprising part of this little compilation is the presence of a bassist, which has never hindered any of their other albums, but certainly adds a unique dimension to the songs where it's present.

Of course there is no shortage of grind to be found on the other fifteen tracks, all complete with the standard bizarreness and intensity of Prowler. The second track "Taskmaster" is one of the better originals on the disc, but my favorite has to be the cover of The Dwarves' "Fuck You Up and Get High." This is grind tailor-made for Pig Destroyer, and although the groovey stuff is surprising and well done, this cover proves that brain melting grind is what these guys were meant to do. So if you can't find Pig Destroyer's earlier split releases, then be sure to do yourself a favor and pick this slick compilation up, it's well worth it,

Originally Published @ (c) 2004

Grindgroove, baby! - 86%

Kanwvlf, August 9th, 2004

This right here is Pig Destroyer playing groovier than ever. There's some monumental riffs on here, and to think these were from demos and split albums. Of course, there is also Pig Destroyer's special vein of grind, which is pretty much predominant through the album.

Hymn ia a groovy starter, which then leads into Taskmaster, and the start of the grinding. From here we get short blasts of grind, served up Pig Destroyer style, until we get to Fuck You Up And Get High. This is because this is fucking awesome cover, with some really random sounding vocals.

After this, we get back into the grind, for more short blasts of music. None of this is really catchy, but the riffs are awesome, and apply greatness to the entire songs. Pig Destroyer definately know how to write. We continue on with grinding until we get to Down In The Streets.

Now, what the fuck? This is a Pig Destroyer song? This is so fucking groovy it's unbelievable, and the vocals are pretty much clean, except for the choruses, where they're slightly screamed. Now, the solos in this song are all pure thrash, and the entire song has a real stoner/grunge feel to it, showing where Pig Destroyer can get their influences from.

The song after it also follows the same techniques, being really fucking groovy, and having a real stoner feel to it. Seriously, if Pig Destroyer wrote a whole album of songs like this, I'd lap it up, and listen to it for a long time, as they really seem to know what they're doing when it comes to this.

If you haven't had a chance to get this stuff from their earlier splits, and other records, now's a better time than any to pick it up. And, truly, I recommend this album on the last two songs alone. That's how good they sound.