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Random noise and a piss poor mixing job. - 11%

hells_unicorn, May 27th, 2008

This demo, which preceded the utterly devoid of direction full length album “Explosions in Ward 6”, serves as a smaller and more compact package of the same musical mistake. 3 of these songs might as well just be collections of random garbage can noise, accompanied by the painful wails of someone who is likely getting his balls crushed by one of them. Part of the problem is that this self-released, self-produced demo was very poorly mixed, particularly the drums. The blast beats have no sense of separation at all, the cymbal crashes last for 4 or 5 seconds and drown out the snare drum, and the vocals are almost completely buried underneath it all.

The one would-be full length song on here “Flag Burner” would be solid if it weren’t for that revolting main riff that starts the song up. Picture the most dissonant and utterly repulsive Korn riff you’ve ever heard and jam a 6 pound crack rock up its nose and you’ll get the idea. When the song finally slows down a little bit and the guitars get off the stupid high end tri-tone chords, it sounds pretty solid, but then the whole thing slows down and the drummer starts banging on the cymbals like a chimpanzee with a dinosaur bone and everything falls apart. The last riff before the song quits out sounds slightly Sabbath influenced, although way too fast, but ultimately gives what is otherwise a half-assed song a little bit of redemption.

From what I understand, these guys got better later on and actual produced some good extreme grindcore music. I’ll try as best as I can to keep an open mind, but what I’ve heard thus far is not particularly encouraging. The good news is that, unlike “Explosions in Ward 6”, I didn’t spend any money on this. I would recommend not wasting your time and hard-earned disk space on this, but if you want to, remember you can always delete it afterwards.