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A blistering starting point. - 63%

EveryoneSouldBeKilled, July 20th, 2011

First off, this demo should be appealing to the grind crowd with a heavy tolerance for extremely low quality sound. That is basically all who it SHOULD appeal to, but I could honestly be wrong, as tastes do vary. This boasts short, messy, violent bursts of noise a la A.C.- or I daresay music- and not much more. This tape contains just a small memory of what Pig Destroyer used to be, compared to their fine future releases and even Explosions In Ward 6. The composition, whaa little there is, is childish and could have eaisily been thought up by my younger neighbors. But the funny thing is, it wasn't, and that type of criticism is honestly useless against this kind of music. Being a big fan myself, I will say, however, that this demo is the equivalent to a hyperactive shild, especially against PITY and Terrifyer.

The whole mix is abnormally sizzling, and keeps that sizzle even on 38 Counts of A Battery. It's almost hilarious that this sounds even worse than what a PlaySkool cassette recorder can achieve, or even most black metal production (which was intentional, but I doubt this demo was). I may have to say that this is honestly the absolute worst production I have ever heard, up there with Top 40 Hits and Reek Of Putrefaction. I digress though, as it frankly doesn't bother me beyond the hope of listening.

Despite what I've heard, Scott Hull's playing is actually decipherable. However, to be frank, most of it is heavy, generic riffing that doesn't exactly deliver as well as some grind bands, such as Bolt Thrower or Napalm, etc. John's drumming is sloppy, slightly off tempo, and heavy handed. J.R. Hayes is besting his cohorts on this, though. Those wild, high shrieks inject much needed energy into the music. Without it, it would be a dull, sizzly hardcore-esque racket. That said, think about the quality of the music itself, NOT the production. It's really not that bad, but it has quite a few "not-so-good" moments.

But, there's just no comparing this to the heavily structure-based Prowler in the Yard, which seems meticulous compared to its predecessors. This is not a watered-down Pig Destroyer; it simply is just borderline noise with a small amount of support structure added. People change when they grow older, and so do bands. That doesn't mean there aren't any redeemable elements here; you have to search for them.