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Picha Goes Cybergrind - 75%

OscarLopezMotivador, March 17th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

This release oozes that it was released in a hurry for some reason, everything from the title of the compilation to the cover artwork something seems off in that regard. The cover and title for this compilation release are in reference to Costa Rica's first serial killer, who was never caught and presumably died in anonymity a long time ago. Even movies have been done about it, a really terrible movie I have in mind, don't look it up, is really bad.

Speaking about the release: Picha presents here a bunch of b sides and unreleased tracks from the 2003 era when they were recording the follow up album to "La barba de Osama me raspa los webos". Apparently all the tracks here with programmed drums were initially demos so they could listen to them and then record them at some studio and this never happened.The compilation starts with an "Ave maria" cover that is as terrible as it sounds, fortunately, this song was re-recorded on Picha's last album and Noisegrinder managed to salvage the idea.

Everything in this release is terrible, super corny ideas, lyrics not as funny as we expected, for some reason they decided to make songs in Italian, (what the actual fuck?), a really weird vibe oozes on some of the tracks. For example: "Scopata porca" is 1:37 of non-stop distorted kick drum fest which gives me vertigo every time I listen to it. However the material has its moments with "La mia necessita di morte e cumbia" (which can be translated to "My need of death and cumbia"), "los dientes de doña luz" and "Mondo Cannibale" those are some serious good gore grind tracks with hints of death metal at moments. Definitely the peak for this release. I really enjoy listening to those tracks and makes me wonder what would happen if they decided to keep that style for the majority of the songs.

There is a cover song of the old French television series "Ulyses 31" that really makes me lose it, funny as hell, sadly the track was never released as it glitches out during the blast beat part of it, but Noisegrinder decided to release it anyway, it just adds character to the song. The compilation ends with a rehearsal recording of them playing a ska spoof back in 2001 I think, as you might expect the sound quality is bad on this track as it was recorded with a personal recorder placed near the sound system.

Not a bad release from Picha but is not what we wanted and it came out in 2016 so it does not have that nostalgic effect on me. Not for everyone and only for hardcore fans.