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Picha / Bloke

Slapstick and vulgarity - 1%

6CORPSE6GRINDER6, June 10th, 2019

Picha started as a noise/grindcore band with humoristic lyrics, a lesser version of Anal Cunt. Their style consists on out of time and hyper fast drums, distorted bass, guitars so downtuned they end up completely illegible, ground noise everywhere, feedback; any manifestation of lack of talent you can imagine. They released a couple of albums in the early 2000’s and then got lost from the public eye when bands like Advent of Bedlam and Corpse Garden started playing technical and fresh sounding death metal with seven string guitars, drummers with top-tier double bass drum skills and progressive hints in their compositions. Circa 2016 they decided to re-launch the band’s image through a strong Facebook account -relying primary on memes- with fantastic results, they are now probably the “metal” band with major projection locally. Their 2016 and 2017 full lengths feature a very significant upgrade in terms of production, “Van pa la Picha” is almost a good record.

Then, they release this single in collaboration with nationwide famous trap “artist” Bloke, trying desperately to gain attention in the mainstream and culturally limited hip hop audience through their cheap humor, pre adolescent use of language and their social media omnipresence. The song itself is disastrous, it begins with a closed hi-hat fill and a quiet synthesizer that collides with that awful trap voice from Bloke: nasal, without accent, trying without success to get to a lower register to sound like a big black man… even if he’s a skinny white fuck with blond dreadlocks. The closed hi-hat fill gets old super fast and there are no rhythmic changes, not even a bass track, just the repetitive melody from the vocal lines all the way. There are no lead instruments either, the mix sounds shallow and hollow, there’s no groove at all.... not even for dancing. As the song develops and the dissyllable chorus kicks-in you can hear Noise Grinder guttural vocals, over the same exact beat. That section remind me a lot of Juan Brujo’s vocals.

Music is about melody, harmony and rhythm. In this song we have melody in the vocal lines, the 3 note xylophone synth adds harmony because there are 2 different notes from the same scale sounding at the same time and the syllabic arrangement of words has rhythm, but this shit is so fucking basic it doesn’t transmit any feeling or emotion. It reminds me of that Rick and Morty episode when Jerry is driving to work and turns on the radio in a low rate simulated world and he just listens 3 notes and says “Human music, I like it”. Lyrics are meant to be funny, but I prefer intelligent and sarcastic humor over this c-rate sillines and postmodern shitposting mentality and that phony attitude. “I shit on everyone to gain likes because I wanna be popular”... fine, kid. Here’s your trophy you won the internet.