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Phlegmicide - Chandigrind

“Two Indian metalheads composing nerve-wrecking Brutal Death/Grind” - 60%

Jimmy Calhoun, April 15th, 2020 how Phlegmicide describe themselves on Bandcamp, along with an extensive “for fans of” list which includes many notable names within that musical sphere. And their second demo, a mere blink of an eye at 8 minutes, does no disgrace to their presumed influences. If nothing else, they’ve managed to write some fairly catchy grind riffs, and the brutal, abrasive rusty-chainsaw guitar tone suits them well. In fact, the production as a whole is a definite upside, letting us hear everything loud and clear while maintaining a garage-level rawness.

Another nice aspect is that, while this stuff could be called "generic" in a sense, they don't come across as a clone of any particular band. Repulsion, Carcass, Regurgitate, Dead Infection are all hinted at, intentionally or otherwise, but this isn't one of those mediocre goregrind records that sounds like a slightly cleaned up (or on the other hand, even filthier) 'Reek of Putrefaction' redux. Nor is there any hint of the all too typical HM-2 Swedeath tone that's been done to death in this genre for decades - the guitar may sound heavier than dinosaur shit, and distorted almost to the point of white noise, but it's much more raw-sounding than, say, later General Surgery or Rotten Sound. The drums are obviously real and sound very organic, lacking the obnoxious tone(s) found in so much lower-budget grind.

Unfortunately, though, the amount of actual material here is pretty scant, as clips of movie dialogue (“The Joker” mainly) and Indian pop/folk music take up a decent chunk of the already miniscule running time. Some of the “interludes” are mildly amusing in themselves, but as with so many grind bands, the samples overwhelm the actual songs a bit. I haven’t yet heard Phlegmicide’s first, somewhat longer demo, but ‘Chandigrind!’ itself certainly shows promise. These two guys know (and clearly love) the style they’ve chosen to pursue, and their enthusiasm shows through all the way.