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Philistine - Consume and Devour

Dragging, Filthy, Grungy, Industrial Sludge - 90%

Hammond, January 23rd, 2005

Think of something faster than Sunn 0))), Heavier then Electric Wizard, and Slower and more Brutal than both Neurosis and Isis and you get Philistine, one of the best new Sludge bands around. Philistine is chalked full of all of the backbreaking Riffs, constant war drum like drum beats, and intense powerful vocals that make Sludge so damn Sludgy.

When you first here this demo one of the first things that will come to your head is just how industrial this sounds. The drum machine, the samples, synth, and overall feel and production of this demo sound completely digital and artificial. On top of the constant brain rattling riffs the artificialness really adds layers to the music. It might sound awkward reading about it but when you actually hear it the music really pulls together.

The vocals are also very unique. The vocals have to be some of the most powerful "clean" vocals I have ever heard. It is hard to tell when he goes from Harsh to Clean just because they are always so brutal. He also whispers during some of the interludes which really makes the album seem more full.

The best part of this demo is that it is available for free on their website. You have no excuse for not hearing it.