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Good ol' heavy metal for all the family - 70%

whensunburnsred, March 26th, 2010

Even for grandma and grandpa, everybody should enjoy this one. Nevertheless, don’t expect anything revolutionary. This is standard 80’s heavy metal: loud bass, up-tempo rhythms, skilful solos, catchy choruses and basic drumming.

The single starts with “The final word”, which is the best song in here. The main riff is quite similar to Exciter’s “Stand up and fight”, but at half the speed. The rhythm guitars are heavy, with a deep tone and have a thick sound that crushes everything in their way (this is especially true in the riffs that start before the chorus). The singer sometimes reminds me a lot to Mr. Halford. He doesn’t go as high as the former does, and his regular singing is not as high, but he also has a high-pitched melodic voice and some of the screeches he does definitely have that characteristic Halford sound. In addition, the chorus for this song has the same structure as “White heat, red hot” does, with those breaks that make me feel like if I were listening to the magnificent Stained Class. The chorus is catchy and works pretty well.

The last song is a huge disappointment. “Ain’t no doubt about it” is a mid-paced song that is such a let down... Those Maidenish atmospheric hints that impregnated the first song have disappeared (I’d say the reason is the bass, which is not so present in this one) and the song is sloppy and repetitive. The main riff is dull and the singing with those continuous silly screeches and echo effects don’t work. And despite being just 20 seconds longer, it seems to be eternally longer than “The final word”, which is a definitive sign of something really going wrong. Even the solo is worse! What happened here? This was such a promising single…

Since the first song is an excellent heavy metal song I’ll give the single a score of 70%, if you like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden with Paul Di’anno and generally, good ol’ heavy metal, you will like this one.