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Phantasmagory > Anamorphosis of Dreams > Reviews
Phantasmagory - Anamorphosis of Dreams

Another band falls... - 65%

natrix, March 15th, 2004

What's the problem here, if I loved Odd Sounds? This is too damn long! Also, it's some fucked up concept album about dreaming or some weird shit. King Diamond did some good concept albums, but that does not mean that EVERYONE should do them.
They lost the drummer and replaced him with a very well programmed drum machine. Still, this is not good. There are keyboard intros everywhere. This is not good. I don't like to scroll through 2 minutes of keyboards to find an actual song. We have slightly better production, but this was probably recorded on some damn digital computer, and sounds totally processed. This is a very bad thing. The flow of the songs they developed on Odd Sounds is pretty much gone, and things don't flow together as well. This sucks. They have some really akward moments on here. This is bad.
Eduard still plays a mean guitar on here, but it seems that the keyboard has taken prominence over his guitar riffing. Guitars=metal. Keyboards=new age. This is not a new-age band. Also, Eduard's riffing got a little dumbed down, sort of like on a Dimmu Borgir album, which is really disappointing because he's capable of SO much more than this. Goddamnit.
There are some damn good songs here, but when you put tons of worthless keyboard parts all over the place, you find it hard to go look for them. I rarely listen to this nowadays because it's just so tedious.