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Showcases Potential - 80%

Maniac Matis, August 1st, 2013

From the brink of California is where these San Diego-death/thrashers were concieved. Nowadays, they are playing under the name "Archaic Mortuary" as to avoid being confused with the 3 other Phantasm's. For a first outfit, and for a demo, I must admit these guys can shred, and especially for being so young! Infernal Force was released on CD in the year 2009, but this demo sounds something that came straight out of Europe (Sweden in particular - influences of Entombed, Necrophobic, Grave, Dismember are easily found in here) in the mid-90's. This makes Phantasm's Inferal Force especially interesting, considering they are from California, but do not sound influenced by very much American metal at all, with the exception of some Floridian-sounding death metal parts that are distinctively Nocturnus and Morbid Angel-inspired.

Infernal Force begins with the song "Holy Genocide", which starts off with a rather primitive and archaic slower sounding riff matched by equally moderate drums. The song soon picks up as low-key growls command the rest of the music to quickly ascend into a reasonably fast section; fueled by murky guitars and bass. The riffing remains very fundamental sounding for the most part, but has plenty of pleasant suprises here and there. The next two tracks, Immune to Death and Forbidden Summoning are mostly upbeat in comparison to Holy Genocide, and bring out Phantasm's thrashier side (Sarcofago is an immediate influence of these guys for sure). My personal favorite track of this 13-minute demo, would easily be the title track "Infernal Force", which concludes this brief assault. The solo, riffs, and harmonies in this song are highly addictive and very well engineered, and they intend on keeping the music progressing through the filthiest of notions.

A rather short review, but appropriate for a correspondingly short demo. In retrospect, these guys clearly have passion and talent. Infernal Force showcases quite a bit of potential for just being recorded by three young metalheads. Even for 2009 this is impressive, and I think any fan of European-sounding Death metal with Thrash influences will enjoy it's hasty, but well executed onslaught. I'm eager to hear what these guys are up to in the near future under their new band name!