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Welcome to your nightmare!! - 95%

ImpaletheCunt, August 14th, 2019

Frostbitten and scathing black metal on offer from these newcomers to the pentagram of holocaust black fucking metal. With only The march to war 4-track EP under their collective bullet belts, Pestlegion invaded the dungeons of hell to record their poser-slaying debut album aptly titled Dominus Profundum and what a debut it is.

I have never heard of Bret hard records, sounds more like a fucking WWE stage name to be honest, but they done this release almighty justice. The artwork reeks of impurity and the sound that emanates from your speakers is sure to please. If you crave fast black / speed metal laden with nocturnal twists and turns, then pay attention. This one throws the listener a surprise at every opportunity and stays captivating until its smoldering end. The vocalist B. Von Doom pukes his shriek sermon of mockery with rancid conviction. This fucker is deeply possessed. Damn is he evil and his sound is as evil as fuck. He rages along barraging you with headbanging delight.

The production is massive. How loud you ask. FUCKING LOUD DIPSHIT. TRUST ME.

Tynn handles the sticks and definitely grew up on a staple of bad-ass blackened Teutonic thrash metal. His style honouring the greats yet updated with the ferocity of a new era. Awesome to hear and his drum rolls and fills are enthralling. Raise the flag of hate once more

Now all you fuckheads reading this that are still in two minds, go listen to track #8 - His dominion. If this doesn't get the caged freak inside of you going on a murder spree then nothing will. Do us all a favor and just fucking die!!! I look forward to future releases by this promising band and they have to bring their A-game to top this one. Satan is glorified and Satan is also most certainly pleased

Buy or fucking die!!!