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Spaced out jazz/death... fucking incredible - 90%

sepultribe, January 28th, 2006

In their 4 album run, Pestilence never really could make up there mind. With the first full length being very aggressive thrash, the follow up, Consuming Impulse, became more death/thrash-ish. (Though there were signs of what would come – see Proliferous Souls) Then things started to get kind of weird with Testimony. Added keyboards, and more progressive moments thrown in the mix, making a very cool interesting atmosphere throughout. With Spheres, they seem to dive head on into the progressive jazzy style, such as Atheist and Cynic. A fuckload of synths are thrown around and the songs themselves sometimes get downright mongoose fucking weird.

The instrumentation has slowed itself down quite a bit. With a slower speed, the drumming gets a lot more complex as is the bass playing of Jeroen-Paul Thesseling. Like said before, there’s a lot of guitar synthesizer in this album. A lot of times they can be cheesy as hell but in this case it really makes it more badass. The synth in Changing Perspectives is pure tasty dripping goodness A lot of the aggression of the earlier albums is lost, in exchange for atmosphere. That doesn’t mean there aren’t badass riffs though, such as in Multiple Beings (the main riff), Changing Perspectives, and the opener Mind Reflections. Pestilence sure loves there damn interludes. There are three very cool atmospheric instrumental tracks that serve sort of as breaks in the album (not quite as much as Testimony’s eight).
One song that deserves mention is Personal Energy, possibly the highlight of the entire album. It’s a very mellow jazzy track with half clean/ half spoken vocals. Definitely nothing you would expect from this band.

The production has lost its bite like in Consuming Impulse but it has a very spacey sound, fitting the music. The guitar tone is very cool and different. One thing is that the vocals are kind of muffled; I’m not sure if that was intentional or what.
It’s a pretty short album being only 33 minutes, but it’s still a hell of a trip to listen to. If you’re a fan of Pestilence, Atheist, Cynic, or other things similar… fucking check this out. If you were freaked out by Testimony’s direction or ‘pussy jazz fagot music’ I’d stick with Consuming Impulse.