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Technical progressive death thrash. - 97%

ozzeh, March 10th, 2007

Pestilence incorporates a lot of musical influences into their sound. The overall result is pure brilliance. It's got the progressiveness of Atheist's first two & the thrash factor of early Sepultura. If you ask me, that's a pretty fucking good combination.

The first two songs "Malleus Maleficarum / Antropomorphia" & "Parricide" are classics. The great thing about Pestilence is that they utilize their guitar solos in the most tasteful way. The guitar solos are excellent and never get boring. Thankfully the guitar solos are plentiful on here too, which I don't usually say as I'm not the biggest fan of guitar solos (as they tend to be vastly unnecessary in most cases). The bass deserves special mention on this album as it is clearly audible and influences the songs nearly as much as the absolutely flawless guitar playing. The drumming is also of honorable mention because the drummer has a great sense of the rhythm structure which is necessary to pull off such complex music.

These guys do not let up on "Subordinate to the Domination" as this song rivals the first two songs in quality. The great sense of how to structure a song is prevalent here. The songs mutate constantly but never bore you. It's really quite mind blowing to hear such a great thrash album incorporate so many different musical elements into it. "Extreme Unction" is a 1:30 song but it is really well executed and extremely pissed off as thrash should be. I really like this song a lot; it's almost reminiscent of crossover, except with death metal vocals.

"Commandments" starts off with a very stunning intro. These guys seriously know how to start, maintain and end songs. Another great thing about this album is that it is fucking heavy and unrelenting without ever losing it's sense of incredible melody. "Commandments" is one of the best songs on the album. But I'll be damned if there is even a single mediocre song to be found on this whole LP. "Chemo-therapy" is an excellent way to continue the second half of the LP. Absolutely insane guitar riffing on this song; probably some of the best arpeggios I have ever heard in my life.. The vocals are particularly awesome as well.

What do you know "Bacterial Surgery" is another gem. Interesting lyrics and vocals keep this LP engaging throughout. They are quite flawless and match the music extremely well. This song is great and heavy as all hell. The chorus is fucking awesome! And wow, the guitar solo at 2:45 is absolutely astonishing at how the guitarist manages to bend the notes. Of equal praise is the other guitarist who plays rhythm guitar rivals the quality of the lead solos! "Cycle of Existence" is pure thrashing goodness. This song has lead guitar work which stabs you in the heart repeatedly with a Booey knife and leaves you lying on the floor bleeding to death. The guitar solos are almost trippy and very skillfully executed as always. If one thing this album can boast, it is having some of the greatest heavy metal guitar solos ever recorded.

"Osculum Infame" is an instrumental piece which further exhibits the ability to play completely insane music. This piece is mellow and is neither great nor terrible, but kind of lulls you into a trance. "Systematic Instruction" finishes the album off and leaves you thinking you've just heard the greatest thrash metal album ever. To further add to the classic re-playability of the album is the other genres of music which the band mixes into their sound. This is very highly reccommended stuff.