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Pestilence - Dysentery

Great Riffs, Great Death/Thrash!! - 85%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 22nd, 2007

Wow! This is the very first Pestilence demo! This band is a legend in the death metal scene, but unfortunately they split-up too early. Anyway, the first demo is simply great. “Against The Innocent” song is incredibly heavy in its mid-paced beginning, while after a minute a great up tempo part begins. The main influences can be found in bands like early Slayer or Death. Patrick Mameli’s vocals are very influenced by Chuck ones, but a bit more in Venom style.

“Delirical Life” seems to come out directly from Scream Bloody Gore and this makes me very happy! Mid paced riffs and up tempo…pure violence!! More or less also the two tracks left, “Traitors Gate” and “Throne Of Death” (with a melodic, obscure, guitar intro) are the same brutal assault of fucking primitive death/thrash. The thing I loved the most are the riffs: there is a bunch of them! Pure, great riffage that makes me crazy!

This is a well played and quite well recorded demo that will make happy every death metal fan. It’s not easy to find out, not at all, but with the re-recorded album Malleus Maleficarum you can find it! At least listen to it.