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Rubbing a fresh, melty turd into their legacy. - 25%

stonedjesus, May 5th, 2011

Pestilence is a big brand name in the world of death metal. Their earliest releases helped build a strong foundation for death metal in Europe. Naturally, after 4 brilliant albums, things didn't work out and everyone moved on. Around 2007 Patrik Mameli smartly realized that Pestilence is a valuable brand name in the heavy metal underground, and cashed in with a reunion and complete turd of an album. This is not the most offensive thing Mameli has ever done (C-187), but it is damn near close.

I came upon "Doctrine" with an open mind, having enjoyed a few of the more recent retro-old school death metal cash-in albums such as Atheist's "Jupiter" and even Autopsy's "The Tomb Within" EP. Ultimately "Doctrine" proved itself too offensive to recommend. Starting with "Amgod", Pestilence makes a very clear and precise statement of intent. A bold and sludgy ultra down-tuned guitar tone, straight off a Meshuggah album, begins flopping out unexceptional riffs. Ok, this won't be a throwback album... that is fine, it is a sludgy, mid-paced groove metal album with death metal drumming. "Sinister" is a nice showcase for this horrid muddy guitar tone as it lumbers along, and the song is highlighted with a guitar solo straight from "Chaosphere". Jeroen from Obscura is an exceptional player, and his (typically fretless) basslines here do well to accentuate whatever bland groove Mameli has chosen to ruin each song with.

Resurrection macabre was a fitting description for the self-deprecating return of a once exemplary death metal band. Pestilence has brutally stripped, raped and strangled their once brilliant and obscure legacy with this boring groove oriented album. Without the Pestilence brand name this album would get zero attention from anyone. Skip it.