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Insane Transcendence... - 100%

cinedracusio, November 3rd, 2005

This is for sure one of the most worthy black metal demo in the last years, maybe the best of all demos that popped up in France.
The drums sound canny, but retaining a really raw and bleak feeling, like the music is. Oh, and who the fuck said that French is an ass language in black metal? Just listen to those vocals. The vocals are a dual attack, the main vocalist is a high-pitched venom spitting machine, while the other sounds like a beast that rose from its grave: demonic, low and tortured. And there can be found several extremely powerful and hateful screams (like the scream in the opening of "The Mort Joyeux") that at first made me run and hide in the bathroom. The guitars are the focusing point of this. Obviously, Peste Noire is not a joke band at all. The riffs are diverse and complex, creating a bitter overall sound, but no wankery allowed. And solos... they are something excellent at this band, with a high, piercing tone and no slopiness.Something special amongst the black metal elite, showing that atmosphere and musicianship do together very well in a release of this type. Even if I tried, I could find no takedown in this record.
Kill them all!!!! After you bought this, of course. It will piss you off for sure.