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Macabre Transcendence... - 100%

Vour_Tuer, December 31st, 2004

To a lot of people, Peste Noire is the best French black metal act since The Black Legions. The production on this demo reminds me highly of the raw, primitive production used on those early Black Legions demos, which is a good thing. This style of production fits perfectly here.

The music on this demo creates extreme feelings of hatred, disgust, anger and depression. Whenever a song starts to get a little boring the structure will change at the perfect time; something which a lot of bands fail to pull off. There is the odd clean guitar interlude, which, like Mutiilation before them, creates a rather depressing and painful sound. The vocals are utterly horrendous, sickening high pitched screams that sound very sick and really help to create the hateful and depressing atmosphere. They also have some extremely brilliant guitar leads that really fit in well.

Ultimately this is one of the best demos released in a long time and quite possibly my favourite demo released by Drakkar, which is a very hard thing to say with the plethora of brilliant demos they`ve has released over the years.

If sickeningly grim black metal is your type of thing and you`re not afraid of Black Legions style production you really owe it to yourself to get this demo. In `05 Drakkar will be releasing the new Peste Noire album entitled `Les Salisseurs de Lumiere` I implore anyone who likes this type of thing to pick it up.