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Awesome riffs with awesome leads - 87%

KayTeeBee, October 25th, 2004

Another awesome French black metal release! This contains five songs, and has awesome riffs. What sets this album apart from most other black metal bands is the use of leads. I rarely hear a black metal song that has strong leads, but the leads in this are simply awesome. Always keeping a very hateful sound in all of their songs, Peste Noire is probably the grimmest of the grimmest. Whenever I feel extremely pissed I listen to this album... you get it. My favourite song on this demo is "666 Millions d'Esclaves et de D├ęchets". Starts off with an amazing lead, and it's amazing simply because of the incredible raw riffs. It gives me a huge hatred feeling. The best thing is that whenever it starts to get repetitive, whenever you thing it should end, a NEW riff comes in, and it's always different. Just check out the lead at 5:10, and you'll
see what I mean. This song alone gives the demo a +5%. It's that simple, this demo should please every fan of the genre!