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Peste Noire will corrupt and destroy your soul! - 100%

Foret_Noire, December 29th, 2004

Peste Noire's 2002 demo is by far one of the most hateful and destructive demos that has ever graced the french black metal scene. The sound is completely raw and hateful. Listening to this demo, you will feel your soul being raped and destroyed by this raw assault of black metal warfare! Unlike many black metal releases, this band incorporates a good deal of solos without overdoing it. These solos are dark and very harsh. The vocals on this album are plain disgusting. The intensity of the vocals on this release is more hateful than most black metal that's coming out of france. This is the fucking black metal album. I have rarely seen something composed with so much hate and destruction that devours your soul. Peste Noire really puts themselves into this music and make something special. A rare gem in the black metal scene. I don't think i've heard anything as hateful as this demo since the days of the black legions. This is truely one of the best demos i have ever fucking heard! You have not heard black metal until this demo has destroyed your soul!