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Rest In Morbid Darkness - 95%

nuncunt, November 23rd, 2014

Pest have been around a while, but are little known. I came across their album "Rest in morbid darkness" some time ago, through circumstance I cannot honestly remember. The sound of the album belies the date at which it was released, and you could happily conclude that it was part of the 90's Black Metal scene. But no, the truth? This album was released in 2008, on Seasons underground activists records. (A branch of Seasons of mist records)

For starters, this is not an album for the easily offended. In traditional black metal style, the album is bedecked with titles such as "Vomit up the blood of Jesus" among others. Listening to the album, one of the immediate striking features is that, unlike so many Black-metal bands, Pest's songs are actually very catchy, if that's the appropriate word. The opening belter "Possesed by the Beast" is a prime example of this. After raging through similar 3-5 minute black metal standards, we reach the final track; "The Lust for Cruelty" which is a 14-minute black metal epic, which can evoke feelings of rage, dread, and awe, as good black metal should.

Rest in Morbid Darkness definitely sticks to the roots of Swedish black metal laid out by the legendary band Bathory. A heavy bass tone is very prominent in the mix throughout the entire album, which gives a driving grimness to the sound. The track "Possessed by the Beast," starts out slow which give the illusion that the song will be a slow and epic intro, then blasts into menacing blast beat driven black metal. A amazing and captivating beginning. The track "The Lust for Cruelty" takes that initial illusion in the opening song and creates a desolate atmosphere. The ending of "The Lust for Cruelty" is very odd. It ends with a crescendo of noise that fades in and out. I won't ruin how it ends by describing it in detail, but it completely creates the intended desolation with a hint of paranoia. This is definitely an album to listen to if old sounding evil black metal is what you enjoy.