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Unknown and under-rated... - 80%

Bathym, March 24th, 2004

This band has an ex-SUMMONING member and is (was?) a member of the ABMS (which once contained ABIGOR and the like). The music on this CD is a fairly good black/death style usually around a mid-paced level (but does get quite fast). But the vocals certainly take some getting used to (sounding like a pissed off duck!!) and the snare sound is quite annoying (much like the first SUMMONING CD). I did like this album, but it's just a matter if one can get used to the vocals!!! Other than the 2 tracks on the ABMS compilation, I think this is the only thing this band released, and I'm pretty sure they're split-up. But forget side-band TRIFIXION, who is terrible in my opinion...

(Originally appeared on LARM, © 2000)