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Persuader - Evolution Purgatory - 100%

DarkDryad, September 6th, 2005

Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Manticora and Angra all combined together could not create a masterpiece greater than Evolution Purgatory. I’ve never heard a flawless album until I got my hands on this. It’s not the usual high clean vocals, neither the already predicted Stratovarius melodies nor the slow Angra ballad trying to create an atmosphere; the atmosphere is there from the beginning until the explosion at the end.

Persuader got some recognition after participating to a metal contest called “Young Metal Gods”. But the competition was quite useless since their debut album The Hunter was to die for and anyone who had heard of that album would have recognized their talent. Straight out from Sweden, home of the best power metal bands, Persuader is slowly gaining popularity amongst the power metal fans. First of all, Jens Karlsson’s vocals are amazing. The melodic harshness in his voice fits the song beautifully and the mixing with the backup vocals is absolutely amazing. I must admit, I never thought something could sound this good. And then you have all the guitar riffs that are so heavy, but melodic??? Yes that’s right, amazingly melodic. And then the drums are played at a great pace and when everything is put together, you get this new sound…mesmerizing!

I’d name some highlights of this album, but to be honest every song on it is great, so I would be lying if I left any out. It’s a must, for every fan of metal. This isn’t your typical power metal, I’m pretty sure it would appeal to every melodic death metal fans. Highly creative and refreshing this album is, and I do not hesitate one second in saying that they will become very big and will have great influence on new power metal bands. So I give this album 100%, I am not kidding, the album is flawless, so if you have a chance to put a hand on Evolution Purgatory, jump on it; it’s worth over a hundred dollars. Albums like these don’t come around very often.