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The best modern power metal album. - 92%

Cup_Of_Tea, May 11th, 2005

I must admit that I didn't give it such a high rating to this album because of it's interesting riffing, or good drumming, neither for the awesome vocal performance, but because the perfect songwriting skills of this band. Even if it's not like other power metal classics(The Spectre Within, Seventh Son, Eternal Idol, Somewhere Far Beyond), it's a worthy modern power metal achievement.
It doesn't have the riff onslaught of Unification or Powerplant, but it does have a much better atmosphere and feeling fused into it's rhythm. Though both The Hunter and Evolution Purgatory rule in their own way - The Hunter being a speeding riff killer cannot really compete with this one.
This album simply kicks it real hard for only one reason: The Vocals. Jens Karlsson I don't know who you are, but you fucking rule! Imagine a more powerful, more pissed off Hansi Kurch, and now multiply it by 4 - yes it's that fucking awesome!
The riffs are also a nice little pack of headbanging material. Although not as numerous or as memorable as in the classics mentioned before, they do their own job excellent in a very Iron Saviorish style, the only difference being the speed.

Though my favorites would include Strike Down, Masquerade and the awesome Raise Hell.

This baby is worth buying twice, definetly. Power metal won't become more interesting that this, though a bit more modern produced it has the same, extremely catchy choruses as Wizard and Gamma Ray, which makes it automatically a great release.
In Flames? I think not. This is pure ownage, it doesn't suck as nearly as the compared to band.