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A very nostalgic gig - 88%

TheDeadman, August 8th, 2008

Pentagram disbanded in the ends of the 80's, and then they had a reunion with lasted very few in the early 90's. So this unique reunion gig at the Teatro Providencia was the last that anyone can get of this band and to bring back those memories of the 80's when thrash metal was kind popular, and also a good chance to see them to people who didn't born in those years.

The gig starts with the well-known Dracula's song as intro and then the band start playing Spell of the Pentagram. Comparing with the demo version, here isn't so much distortion (beacuse it has better production) and the voice of Anton is more gutural than the dirty thrashy screams he used on the 80's. Also there's the advantage that the Teatro Providencia has a very nice acoustic and lets every instrument be heard clearly, but this album had some fixings in studio so this is not so exactly how it really sounded, but those fixings are not exagerated, so also the crowd can be heard.

The gig included all the songs from their two demos recorded in 1987, 2 covers and 2 songs never recorded before, but they were played in the 80's. Even when there is not the full original line-up of the band, the bassist Juan Francisco Cueto does a great job but he didn't make people to forget about the original bass player Alfredo Peña, to who the song Temple of Perdition was dedicated at the start of that song.