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As raw as it gets - 32%

Catachthonian, November 29th, 2008

This demo is the first of two missing links between "Be Forewarned" and "Review Your Choices". And the first thing one notices when listening to it is that Bobby's voice is higher than it usually is, but that's not the problem. The problem is that it sounds alienated, estranged from the music. It's like the band recorded a random instrumental piece, Bobby sang random lyrics and they threw it all together into a blender. Part of it lies in the production, which is very muddy. To give you a better idea, it's not unlike that which can be found on many a Swedish/Finnish death metal demo from the beginning of the decade (I mean 90-ies, obviously). The lead guitar is recorded clearly and loudly, though. Now I'm trying to find some words to describe the drumming... well, like every single cult band in existence, they prefer to record the drums in a room next to the one with the microphone. So the drums are far too muffled and blurred. Needless to say, the bass is completely inaudible.

As for the actual songs, they're heavy and doomy. Actually, this played a mean trick on the demo because the re-recorded versions of "Forever My Queen" and "Review Your Choices" are mostly devoid of the original atmosphere. Not lastly due to being partially altered, which is especially evident in the drum tracks on "Forever My Queen' and the solo(s) on "Review Your Choices". I can't complain about the re-recorded solo(s), it's done well, but "Forever My Queen" loses much. Two new songs, "Change Of Heart" and "Because I Made It" are not bad at all, the former resembling Celtic Frost's slower tunes on "To Mega Therion" in some parts. Also, "Change Of Heart" has got a really cool intro and a nice solo at the very end. "Because I Made It" is unmemorable even though it's got that silly clean guitar part and a long and beautiful guitar solo. The overall impression this demo left is that of a raw, unpolished work; a blueprint. To the general public, it is interesting only through historical prism of view; but the most die-hard fans of Pentagram might find here something to ponder on.

The best song on here: "Change Of Heart"