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Pentagram - Day of Reckoning

The Best US Doom Album Ever? - 95%

brocashelm, April 18th, 2006

Hard to believe but the brilliance of this band’s 1985 debut was largely ignored in it’s day, which was surely bad news for Pentagram at the time. However when albums that good go unnoticed initially, they often become legendary over time, which is what has deservedly become of much of Pentagram’s work. It’s all the more true of Day of Reckoning, their sophomore text of doom, and perhaps the finest collection of songs these cats would ever offer our ears.

Whereas the debut clearly had Sabbath on its morbid mind, this number saw Pentagram shaking off that omnipresent influence and forging a more signature style. Said style arrives as the needle (or laser… needle in my case) hits the groove of the sinister title cut, an up tempo but foreboding cut which drips of Bobby Liebling’s sterling vocals and Victor Griffin’s truly demonic guitar work. An absolute classic, it may be Pentagram’s single best tune ever, which for this band is truly saying something.

Another awesome number is “Evil Seed”, which manages to acknowledge its psychic debt to Sabbath, and remain an absolute Pentagram classic all the same (the point where Liebling cries forth “all right now… won’t you listen?” ala “Sweet Leaf” is a great moment). Two absolute epics appear as well, those being “Burning Savior” and “Wartime”, both of which demonstrate what skillful writers and players this band had become. The whole affair is blessed by clearer production than the fuzzy sounding debut, and if I had to pick one Pentagram disc to take to a desert island, it would have to be this.

Again largely unheralded in its day, this is one of doom metal’s finest children, and truly is worthy of its current essential status. Again, as the debut, look to Peaceville Records for a CD reissue. Damn rare on vinyl it be, and (chuckle) I’m lucky to have one. (No! It’s not for sale, fan boy!)