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Penitenziagite > Humanity Galore > Reviews
Penitenziagite - Humanity Galore

Limited, Yet Still Decently Done - 65%

doomknocker, April 25th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, On Parole Productions

Penitenziagite (...that's a bit of a mouthful...) is a death metal act out of Slovenia who, a decade or so after their initial formation, have finally given unto us their first full-length work. With such a stretch of time no doubt resulting in serious chops tightening and refining of their own take on the more brutal of metallic wares, it would behoove them quite a bit to not be able to blow us (and potential competition) out of the water with this. And seeing as I'd not heard of these fellas before, what better place to start...?

Taking a slightly more melodic take on traditional death metal (yet staying pretty far from melodeath), "Humanity Galore" is teeming with energy and a solid idea on how to make the style work, even if the end result isn't exactly the most world-shaking of releases...but that said, it is quite good for what it is regardless. The guitar work is all over the map, taking on more thrash metal-like progressions, rhythms and power chord structures more than the skin-crawling dynamics more attuned to death, yet plenty a time the Floridian way of things creeps into the picture during the moments that call for it. Some of the groovier, slightly polyrhythmic work is what stood out the most with me; the consistently blasting parts had something going on with them, but when the band settles down enough to not have to prove their capacity for aural punishment and violence it lead to a better listen on my end. Trust me...constant blasting and wild abandon riffing can get tiresome real quick.

As a whole, though, this didn't throw me for a loop, yet it also didn't leave me hungering for something else. That said, the worst I can say is that as the album continues plugging along (probably around the fifth or sixth track or so), the songs tend to blur into one another, not in an interchangeable kind of way but rather that the rest almost blends into a continuous series of flaying, both undue and necessary. That equal and right amount of razor-sharp riffing, tight yet reckless drum work, virtually unheard that blends a bit too much into the guitars and insidious yet rather flat lead growling that could have benefited from additional layering and pitches, all of which is done in similar amounts and doses that don't render the rest of those tracks homogeneous for the most part, just that they don't really stand out from one another the way some of us would like. But truly, if that's the worst of it then the end result is at least worth checking out, if only once or twice.

In the end, "Humanity Galore" was an alright stab in the throat that didn't lose me yet didn't seem to wow me. This appears to get the group off on a good foot, and with some extra time to ferment their deathly vibes anything else down the line could only be better. Not too bad, not too bad...