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Very odd split. - 50%

caspian, January 11th, 2007

As I'm sure most people know, Pelican play an epic, post-rock influenced kind of metal (it's more like metal influenced post-rock these days..) with lots of long songs, lots of major keys and lots of glittering prettiness.

Playing Enemy do not play this. They don't play anything remotely like it. These dudes specialize in a tricky kind of metalcore- lots of screaming, plenty of different time signatures and a bit of a grindcore influence-that definitely brings to mind Dillinger Escape Plan's debut EP.

So anyway, we'll start off with Pelican's side of the split. It's the demo version of Sirius, which is a good thing, as Sirius is my favourite track of the Fire in our Throats.. album. While I definitely enjoyed this track, I wouldn't say it's that amazing- it's just a slightly rawer and quicker version of the album track, and I prefer the album version a lot more, as this song needs real heavy guitars and drums, which this demo doesn't have. I wish they'd put a remix like they did for the Mono split. Oh well. Still, it is a good tune, starting off all delicate and shimmering, before getting all dense, steadily pounding but still quite gorgeous. It's a real awesome song, though I would've preferred a remix of something.

Playing Enemy's track is neither dense, steadily pounding or gorgeous. For me, It sounds a huge amount like DEP's debut EP (I know I've already mentioned that, but it really does!) The singer is all raw throated and stuff, and the guitar plays some interesting riffs and uses a few interesting chord shapes, which flow quite well. Unfortunately, the song definitely sounds like it's missing something, as there's no second guitar and the bass is really low. So that's a bummer. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable, if not entirely original slab of technical hardcore.

So the two songs, while enjoyable, don't fit together, which is real annoying. The last thing you want to hear after some nice Post-Rock is crusty metalcore and vice versa. The Playing Enemy tune was enjoyable, and Pelican's song was nice if a bit unnecessary. Download if you want, but it's definitely a waste of time trying to track this one down.