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Pure emotions transformed into art - 87%

Amibor, May 16th, 2004

'Oh, my regrets' was the first thing i ever heard from Peccatum. I wasn't quite sure whether it was just a whole lot of ominous noise or very complex yet genius music. Now, after hearing 'Strangling from within', i can conform the second. It's not your average band, i'm not even sure what genre it fits into. There are a lot of gothic and blackmetal elements in it, mainly because of a lead female singer and the contribution of Insahn (ex-Emperor). You will notice a few Emperor influences, especially through the blackmetal parts. The album breaths dark and sinister norwegian atmospheres, and has a very dramatic, almost theatrical approach. The outstanding lyrics are the work of Ihriel, who plays doom in Alexandria and ambient in Ahgast. Very diverse musicians, and it shows. The music has clean vocals as well as screams and even whispers and evil laughter
It's starts of with the intro 'Where do I then belong', followed by the best track of this album 'Speak of the devil (as the devil may care)' The song is very slow and has a lot of classical elements. The song get's heavier and heavier as we approach the end. After a weird climax a marvellous guitar solo reigns. This music is surprisingly diverse. I'm on the egde of my seat. This is a song that makes you wonder what happens next. Suddenly it's over, and we enter a violent blackmetal-orientated track. Pure grimness and evil. Very much like Emperor's Anthems..
And this his how the album continues. Wonderful solo's, obscure guitar landscapes, frightening vocals (by all three members) and all covered in a veil of desolate drama. It's like a Romeo & Julia story, but with an even worse ending. I've got one advice; listen and buy this if you're into doom, prog, gothic of black; It has it all!