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When you and your wife start a black metal band! - 70%

Shadow0fDeath, September 1st, 2004

Peccatum is a so-called Avant-Garde Black Metal project, Started originally by the Emperor frontman and her as the only two members. After 3 years Ihsahn disbanded from the group. Before the release of Lost in Reverie.

Lost in Reverie is not black metal whatsoever to begin with. It's gothic metal with progressive elements. The progress elements are quite interesting in the project and had kept me interested throughout the duration of the project. There are a few attempts at black metal moments which fail horribly. Basically this is gothic/progressive metal with an overdose of estrogen. Ihriel's haunting vocals are usually the backbone in the experimental creation of these epics, usually consisiting of 6-8 minutes each. Though despite this fact, Peccatum are very creative with the musical efforts.

There are very few repetitive moments in the song and each manage to remain interesting throughout. Ihriel, and Einar Solberg tend to switch vocal melodies back and forth. The vocals are pretty much clean throughout. Peccatum definately managed to write a decent metal release with Lost in Reverie. Very creative, but still overall not a release that can be all that interesting.