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Amazing Swiss Black Metal. - 99%

Winterkaelte, August 29th, 2003

Paysage d'Hiver is one of the most amazing Black Metal artists I've heard yet he is not well known outside of eastern Europe.
This was the first demo by Paysage d'Hiver I had received and I have to say it's still my favourite.
Each track lasts nearly 20 minutes and the 3 brilliant tracks are definatley worth it.
Especially opening track "Welt Aus Eis".
Welt Aus Eis opens the album with a fast guitar riff that just erupts from the start with drums down in the background. It is accompanied by plenty of vocal work, and the riffs are constantly changing. Then he introduces the Violins which add to the effect brilliantly. Then he drops the Violins and goes back to the Vocals, Guitars and Drums. He later introduces Female backing vocals to accompany some killer riffs. Which will have you satisfied for quite some time. He suddenly drops everything but really slow Guitar riffs for a few minutes. Then he brings everything back but retains a slow tempo. Then he speeds back up again and adds brilliant violin work and solos.
Welt Aus Eis means "World Out Of Ice" and suits the music perfectly.
The next track (Gerfroner Atem) is very basic with slow Guitar riffs, Vocals, Drums and Ambience the whole way through, yet its stll quite enjoyable.
And finally Der Weg, this track is very hard to discribe and should be best heard itself just like the rest of the album to get a true idea of what it's like.
This Demo truly is one of the greatest demotapes ever and you should try and get it. You shall be amazed by Welt Aus Eis \m/.