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Remember the good times - 90%

kluseba, February 13th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Metalville

The idea to release a live album recorded thirteen and a half years ago might not sound like a great idea at first contact. However, guitarist and producer Thomas Mergler had put so much hard work and genuine passion into this project that he thought it was too good to be shelved. He had rearranged tracks messed up by the monitor crew but otherwise didn't use any overdubs to keep the record as authentic as possible. With the permission of Paul Di'Anno, who has had his share of personal and medical issues and who will only play one final concert before calling it quits for good this year, the man behind the project submitted his hard work to a label that has now officially released the record. And to keep things short, it was worth to put so much effort into this stunning release.

Paul Di'Anno sounds sharp on stage and is clearly enjoying himself. His vocals are aggressive, expressive and versatile. His communication with the crowd is direct, entertaining and sympathetic. The musicians involved are also doing a more than decent job. The guitar play in particular sounds sharp yet melodic. The rhythm section is the solid backbone of the release. The crowd must also be mentioned since it makes quite some noise even though this concert took place in a really small town in Germany.

The set list works surprisingly well as Paul Di'Anno's own songs work as well as his classic Iron Maiden material most fans want to hear. Highlights are the energetic ''Impaler'', the rhythmic ''Marshall Lokjaw'' and the sharp ''Faith Healer''. Among the classic material, eerie ballad ''Remember Tomorrow'', playful, diversified and atmospheric heavy metal epic ''Phantom of the Opera'' and tight closer ''Sanctuary'' manage to stand out.

Paul Di'Anno was in excellent form back in the days and it's sad that health has let him down as time went by. Honouring this excellent concert with a unique singer backed up by talented youngsters manages to hold him in high regard. Fans of Iron Maiden and Paul Di'Anno should certainly pick this release up since it isn't an uninspired cash grab but a product filled with genuine passion for energetic heavy metal music.