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Patrons of the Rotting Gate - The Rose Coil

In Image Alone - 0%

cunt_destroyer666, August 10th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2013, Digital, Independent

The musicians involved with this project are obviously talented, and that is precisely why this album is so disappointing. It's quite ironic that this album includes a cover of gorguts' Battle of Chamdo, considering it was the crowning part of an absolute musical catastrophe. I'll spare my thoughts on Season of Mist's Arctopus laden cash cow for the moment and proceed to the meat of the matter: This album is all flash and no substance. If you take it at face value, it can be listenable, but nothing rests beneath.

The Rose Coil offers a sonic approach similar to Ulcerate's, but with much more post-metal noodling and less atmosphere. The riffs spiral out endlessly, resulting in a loss of impact, and they are intermittently peppered with off kilter Deathcore-style breakdowns which further impede the progression of the songs. This album's atmosphere almost entirely rests on clanging dissonant chords that drift in the background, and the tracks plod on much longer than they should, making them lose any immersion they could have held. The bulk of the album is tantamount to mathy filler which fails to move in any direction.

The lyrics are peppered with manufactured quotes, a cry to the approach Deathspell Omega took in Kenose. These quotes lack all but an idiosyncratic meaning, there is no central point to this album, no philosophical struggle, no intellectual undercurrent, nor even a solid concept. (unless such concept was lost in the insipid writing) These lyrics are "artfully presented" for no purpose at all; a presentation bearing likeness to the poetic rantings of a "dark" adolescent, which wouldn't be a problem if this album wasn't portrayed as a serious artistic effort. I have no problem with shitty lyrics if they're tongue in cheek, but this doesn't seem to be.

This album encompasses many of the problems plaguing the modern Metal scene. If I wanted to drift aimlessly, I'd snort some ketamine.