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another good one - 85%

Noktorn, December 30th, 2010

This is basically a retread of the first album, but that's not really a bad thing since 'Surgically Hacked' was pretty tight if not amazing and this album improves on basically everything: the instruments are a little more technical, everything's a little faster and more brutal, the production is better, etc. There's absolutely nothing you won't expect on this record but it doesn't matter because if you're buying an album called 'Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery' you already know that you'll like it.

Pathology still does its goofy bumblebee death/grind on this record, but it's a bit more varied in pacing and the tracks feel a lot more songy than on the first full-length. The base is the same: fast, technical death/grind with an emphasis on blasts, exploding tremolo riffs, and a vocal performance reminiscent of Cattle Decapitation. This album seems to be a lot catchier though; some of the tremolo riffs, like those on 'Pathogens Of Cystic Decay' are positively hummable. Good music to pollenate to, I suppose.

Despite the fact that the music has become more structured, you never really lose the spirit of fun this band's music seems heavily built upon. Pathology makes really entertaining, spirited death/grind without the sterility or plainness that afflicts many other bands of a similar style. You listen to this album much in the same way you would Putrid Pile: just kind of let it wash over you and bask in how badass everything is without picking apart any perceived intricacies. While I do love my thoughtful stuff, there's absolutely a place for albums like this in my collection.

On the next album the band would take a turn for a more mainstream, Brain Drillish tech death/grind sound which would make their eventual jump onto Victory Records a lot more logical. It's decent, but most people can stop their Pathology collection here. Something got lost along the way I think.

Pathology - Incisions of perverse debauchery - 90%

Phuling, February 18th, 2009

These are no newcomers to death metal, as members can be found in the two renowned acts Disgorge and Cattle Decapitation, along with some more or less not-so-renowned (yet still great) Being Killed, Liturgy, The Locust etc. But how can they live up to the expectations after such comparisons… Bloody well!

Yup, this is some seriously brutal, fast-paced death metal. The tempo is almost non-stop ultra-blasting without becoming mind-numbing and boring. They’ve thrown in enough tempo changes and variations (while remaining firmly in a fast pace) to keep things interesting. Short outbursts of slower heaviness and mid-tempo, quickly turning into ultra-blasting. Dave shows off extremely talented drum work, and Tim’s guitar skill is not to be shunned, and there are some definite cool riffage going on. But, let’s not forget to mention the deep, dark and brutal growls and grunts from Levi, that guy’s got one hell of a voice.

The hefty production lets the fast riffing, the blasting drumming and the hellish vocals make a deep impact on the listener. These three talented men have provided us with an absolutely killer album, jam-packed with technicality, speed and cookimonster growls. A non-stop murdering rampage, spread out through 30 minutes of butchering brutality. Fans of Brodequin, Avulsed, Lividity (etc) should definitely look Pathology up.

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