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Limits? Good joke! - 97%

LastSavior, January 13th, 2013

If you are into power metal, you will know that there are tons of bands. If you want to be noticed, you have to bring some refreshing and new elements to the genre. Does Pathfinder have all that?

Answer: HELL YES!

First, let’s have a look at the stats of the album. The regular version contains 14 tracks and a massive playtime, almost 72 minutes! If you own the Japanese version it’s even longer, over 77 minutes. This was reason enough to have a closer look at the band.

When I first listened to the complete album, I was utterly speechless. I’ve been into symphonic/power metal for quite some time now and wasn’t expecting anything outstanding, nothing that could impress me. But… surprise!!! This was a mind-blowing experience!

The album is orchestrated so massively, it sounds as though a full orchestra was recorded. Unbelievable but most of the instruments were arranged by Arkadiusz Ruth. Besides that, most tracks feature a great amount of typical high-speed drumming and a lot of guitar solos. This may sound a bit overwhelming at first, but it all fits together perfectly. The job that was done on mixing and mastering this record is absolutely incredible.

Not only are the instruments great, the vocals are remarkable as well. There are many different styles of singing. This type of orchestration demands a choral sound and lead singer Szymon Kostro is doing an awesome job. There are so many extremely high pitched screams during this record, you’ll ask yourself how is this possible being a man? Shouting is no problem either. The female voice is also represented by a guest soprano. Especially during the ballad “Undiscovered Dreams” the combination of these voices produce a lot of goosebumps.

The composition and structure of the songs are very complex. If you use it for background music, you will miss a great deal.
All in all, every fan of symphonic/power metal should listen to this record! It’s an outstanding masterpiece and will be stuck in your CD-player for a very long time!