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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - 55%

Forever Underground, September 13th, 2021

This is not an easy album to analyze for me, first of all because I'm not really into the symphonic power metal scene, I will have listened to the classics of this genre and little else, and the other reason is that I have mixed feelings with this album. The main problem I have with this record is its excessiveness, I am not surprised by the polarization that there is with this album, I understand that this is a style so pronounced and is made in such a specific way that those who love this kind of music for them it will be the best in the world, but it is so excessive that it can even disgust the fans of the genre, as well as those who are not so into this style. For me personally there have been many times that I have listened to the album for the review and on several of those occasions it has been very difficult for me to finish it because it is so immensely long that it becomes quite an uphill struggle.

I can not help but see negatively that being so ambitious there are so many moments that for me are totally forgettable, because to this day that after easily 8 listens there are songs that I do not remember anything, they feel as if I heard them for the first time and this is because in its attempt to be majestic at every second makes it hard to find any original element in each song. Even so there are very specific moments that I find absolutely enjoyable and that give birth to something that would be a really spectacular album and it is those moments that have made me feel like a teenager discovering symphonic power metal for the first time.

One thing I feel is that there is a lot of talent here, I think there is a lot of work behind this so that it is an absolutely millimetric performance and yet sometimes it fails because its own ambition is its own perdition, it just ends up being too much, it wants to do so many things that you can't get them all right, if it did them all right it would be a perfect album but it's far from it. And here we have a lot of symphonic and orchestral elements, solos and guitar shreds at the highest possible speed, vocal performances of all kinds, from operatic to screaming, with a lot of guests, violins, keyboards, sopranos, a lot of instrumentals, super long songs whether epic or ballads and all this for me ends up being too much to handle, I think I can say without fear that the Pathfinder guys do not understand the concept that if something gets long it can be tedious.

Regarding the polarization in the opinions of this album I don't feel I'm supporting either side of the argument, this album is simply a work that contains great moments but ends up becoming incredibly tedious, so I can't give it a high mark but I also think it would be unfair to give it a low mark because you can't deny all those things they do well, like the musicians' abilities to make music so mature in terms of composition, as well as managing to implement incredibly epic symphonic moments, so I think that many of the negative opinions that this album has become quite unfair, as well as the positive opinions that deliberately ignore the most negative points of the album.

Maybe my opinion doesn't have much meaning because I'm not as into this kind of music as I am into others but...I easily think there are too many songs, easily all the instrumentals except the first one and 3 or 4 other songs could disappear for a more comfortable listening.